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General Terms and Conditions of Sale

General Regulations, General Terms and Conditions of Sale and Conditions of War Heritage Institute Website Use

Responsible editor:

Michel Jaupart, Director General


General information

This website www.bunkerkemmel.be is owned and operated by the War Heritage Institute, which is registered with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises under company number 0675.699.624 and has its registered office at Parc du Cinquantenaire 3, 1000 Brussels. 

These General Conditions (“General Conditions”) are part of every agreement between the War Heritage Institute and the Buyer. Given the importance of these Terms and Conditions, we recommend that you read them very carefully. By visiting and using the website, you declare that you have read, understood and accepted these Terms and Conditions.

Admission tickets and E-tickets purchased through and/or issued by the War Heritage Institute are subject to the Terms and Conditions. The sale of tickets and e-tickets for tours or productions, other than those issued by the War Heritage Institute, are sold through other channels and are not covered by these Terms and Conditions. The War Heritage Institute is only responsible for assisting with any problems in receiving tickets.

The person making the purchase electronically or by telephone (“the Buyer”) is responsible for correctly supplying the War Heritage Institute with the personal data requested. This applies both to the personal data of the Buyer and of all persons concerned (“Third Parties”) for whom E-tickets and/or admission tickets are purchased.

A visit to one of the War Heritage Institute sites implies acceptance of the General Visiting Regulations and the Privacy Policy.


General Visiting Regulations

The schedule of visits specified on the web pages dedicated to each of the War Heritage Institute sites may, for reasons of force majeure, be modified by the security managers, particularly in the event of excessive crowds, unrest, strikes and any situation likely to compromise the safety of persons or property.

In general, access to the site is interrupted 1 hour before the closing of the sites and evacuation of visitors begins at most 1/2 hour before final closing of the sites.

Access to some of our sites is difficult for people with reduced mobility. Therefore, we invite you to refer to the detailed information in the “accessibility” tab on the website of the site you wish to visit.

Depending on the layout of the site and its location, practical arrangements for access may vary. Some of our sites are not accessible by public transport and others do not have parking facilities. Planning your visit will allow you to anticipate your arrival.

We strongly recommend that a responsible person accompanies children under the age of 12.

Any child (under 12) left unaccompanied will immediately be directed to the reception staff and if by closing time he/she is still there, the police will be contacted.

Visitors are expected to behave correctly, both in terms of respect for other visitors and for the collection items on display and/or in terms of respect for the places visited and the staff present on each of our sites.

It is therefore forbidden to:

  • touch the collection items,
  • drink/eat outside the areas provided for this purpose,
  • smoke/vape within the War Heritage Institute sites, outside of clearly marked areas,
  • lie on the benches and/or on the floor,
  • obstruct or hinder access to other visitors and staff and/or clearly marked emergency exits,
  • cross barriers or other devices set up to prevent public access,
  • voluntarily put marks, graffiti or dirt on the premises visited,
  • throw rubbish on the floor,
  • leave personal items unattended outside the areas provided for this purpose (cloakrooms or a location defined by the reception staff).


In the case of group visits, we ask that they be supervised by a designated leader. The person in charge ensures that discipline is respected within the group, which must under no circumstances disturb the peace and quiet of the other visitors or the premises.

When a visit is scheduled, we ask you to respect the arrival and departure times specified at the time of booking.

Animals are prohibited, with the exception of guide or assistance dogs in the company of either the person responsible for their training or their master (proof to be presented).

It is forbidden to bring onto our sites dangerous substances or objects, which, because of their purpose or characteristics, present a risk to the safety of people, collection items or buildings.

For backpacks/luggage, please use the lockers provided on the site you are visiting.

For security reasons, trained security and reception staff may ask visitors to open bags and packages and present their contents at the entrance.

Lost items that have not been retrieved before closing time or that have been found in the galleries are deposited at the reception desk, where they are stored. Perishable foodstuffs are destroyed every evening after closing time. Closed luggage or parcels left on the premises of one of our sites, outside the cloakroom, and which appear to present a danger to the safety of the building and visitors may be destroyed without delay or notice by the competent services.

Film shoots, filming for professional and/or commercial purposes, as well as recordings of radio and television broadcasts require the conclusion of a specific agreement with our communication department. To do so, we invite you to contact our teams via the e-mail address com@warheritage.be.

Unless stipulated in an agreement, as mentioned above, it is forbidden to take pictures with a tripod or any other bulky equipment.

Photography and filming are only possible for the private use of the visitor.

In addition to legal regulations, the use of drones on the War Heritage Institute sites must comply with a notice issued by our safety advisor. The Communication Department will include this request when drafting the filming agreement.

In the event of a medical problem, please contact the reception desk of the site visited or a security guard. These staff members are trained to provide first aid and can help you if external assistance is required.

All visitors must be in possession of an access ticket issued either by the online ticketing service or by the reception staff. This ticket can be checked at any time and must be valid at the time of the visit.

Refusal to comply with the above provisions will result in a ban on access or immediate expulsion from our sites.

Failure to comply with the rules or repeated remarks may also result in the termination of subscriptions and/or facilities granted (such as free access for volunteers).

Terms and conditions of sale and use of the War Heritage Institute websites


You can buy online tickets (“E-tickets”) for a visit to the War Heritage Institute, for the following sites: Royal Museum of the Armed Forces and of Military History (Brussels), Bastogne Barracks (Bastogne), Trench of Death (Dixmude), National Memorial Fort Breendonk (Willebroek), Gunfire (Brasschaat). By E-ticket we understand the document that is ordered and paid for on the website and that is printed out by the Buyer, with the aim of serving as an entrance ticket.

In addition to E-tickets, it is also possible to purchase tickets (“Admission Tickets”) on site at the reception desk of each of the above-mentioned sites for a visit.

When ordering E-tickets, the Buyer must indicate the e-mail address to which the E-tickets will be sent after payment.

It is the responsibility of the Buyer to provide a correct e-mail address. The War Heritage Institute cannot be held responsible if the Buyer does not receive the E-ticket because he/she has provided an incorrect e-mail address. This e-mail address will be used by the War Heritage Institute to send E-tickets.

Tickets are booked when submitting the registration form on the website. They are sent upon receipt of payment. This payment must be made electronically. After receipt of payment, the tickets will be sent by e-mail to the address indicated at the time of booking.



All taxes are to be paid by the Buyer.

The website visitor making the purchase is considered the Buyer. He/she alone is liable for payment, even if the E-tickets are intended for a third party. E-tickets may not be resold or offered to third parties in the context of a commercial relationship.

Purchased tickets may not be used for advertising, promotions, competitions, etc., unless expressly permitted by the War Heritage Institute.

E-tickets must be paid for directly at the time of booking via the payment platform provided on the website. The payment module in question is managed directly by Pay.nl. Personal data required for processing the payment will be exchanged. The War Heritage Institute declines all responsibility for the concerned payment module. If for any reason the payment module does not work (temporarily), you will not be able to buy an E-ticket. In this case, you will have to contact the cashier of the War Heritage Institute site you wish to visit.

If you wish to contribute to our missions by making a donation with your purchase, you will be able to accept a rounding of your payment or to enter an amount of your choice in the payment module when validating your basket.


Ticket conditions

If you have not received your tickets, please call 02 737 78 33 during business hours Tuesday through Sunday.

The E-ticket is only valid if it is perfectly legible, either by printing or by presenting an electronic ticket on screen. If the ticket is illegible and/or of poor quality, access may be refused. Each E-ticket can only be used once and only during the period of validity mentioned on the E-ticket.

Any attempt at abuse, imitation or fraud entitles the War Heritage Institute to institute civil and/or criminal proceedings. An E-ticket is neither refunded nor exchanged. Only the first person to present the original E-ticket can access the chosen site. Any ticket presented for the second time will be considered as a copy and will not give access to the site concerned.



In the event of any changes to the programme, layout and/or availability of the site for which you have booked a ticket, the date, location, price or cancellation of the visit altogether, the War Heritage Institute’s liability is limited to the refund of the ticket price or its rescheduling to a later date. The War Heritage Institute cannot be held responsible for any other damage that may result.

To be eligible for a refund tickets must be returned within two weeks of the date of cancellation. Tickets must be returned to the following address: War Heritage Institute - Parc du Cinquantenaire 3, 1000 Brussels.


Right of withdrawal
  • With regard to ticketing items:

The right of withdrawal, set out in article VI.47 of the Code of Economic Law on market practices and consumer protection in distance selling, is not applicable. The War Heritage Institute refers to art. VI.53, 12° of the Code of Economic Law (“The consumer may not exercise the right of withdrawal provided for in Article VI. 47 for (...) the provision of accommodation services other than for residential purposes, transport, car rental, catering or services related to leisure activities, if the contract provides for a specific date or period of performance”). E-tickets fall under services related to leisure activities within the meaning of Art. VI.53, 12° CEL.

  • With regard to merchandising articles:

Article VI.47 of the Code of Economic Law on market practices and consumer protection in distance selling provides that a withdrawal period of 14 working days applies.

After you have made it known that you wish to exercise your right of withdrawal, you must return the product within 14 days. You must be able to prove that you have returned the delivered goods in time, for example with a proof of shipment.


Protection of personal data

The War Heritage Institute will comply with all applicable national, European and international data protection legislation for all personal data received.

Personal data (“Personal Data”) is any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person. An identifiable person is a natural person who can be directly or indirectly identified by means of an identifier (name, identification number, location data, an online identifier or one or more characteristics of the physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social identity of that natural person).

As a customer, you are responsible for the correct entry of the delivery/billing address. You must check the accuracy of this information. An incorrect address is your responsibility. You will be charged for any additional shipping costs for the recovery of a parcel or the loss of such parcel.

Personal data are collected for the purpose of offering and selling E-tickets and admission tickets to the Buyer and Third Parties, as well as for the sale of merchandising offered on the War Heritage Institute websites.

Personal data will be retained for 2 years after purchase if no account has been created. After this period, the War Heritage Institute will take the necessary steps to render these personal data anonymous. If an account was created at the time of purchase, personal data will be retained until 2 months after the account has been deleted, after which the War Heritage Institute will proceed to render them anonymous. 

The War Heritage Institute will process the personal data received. The War Heritage Institute guarantees the protection of the personal data received and will take adequate organisational and technical measures to this end. Personal data are not shared with or sold to third parties, third countries or international organisations other than those mentioned in this agreement.

Both the Buyer and a Third Party may always withdraw their consent or request consultation, rectification or erasure of their personal data, as well as request the limitation of the processing or object to the processing as well as request the right of data portability.

To do so, they should contact infocom@warheritage.be.

If the Buyer or a Third Party wants to file a complaint about a violation of his personal data, he/she has to contact the War Heritage Institute Data Protection Officer via dpo@warheritage.be or the Data Protection Authority via contact@apd-gba.be



The War Heritage Institute may send online and offline informational e-mails to the specified e-mail address. Informational e-mails are intended to inform you of important changes or other information. This may include changes to an event, parking options, prices, practical information etc.

The War Heritage Institute may also send online and offline marketing e-mails to the e-mail address provided. Marketing e-mails are intended to inform you of commercial messages, discounts, event invitations, etc. You may withdraw your consent to marketing communications at any time by unsubscribing via the newsletter or by e-mailing com@warheritage.be. The War Heritage Institute will take into account the withdrawal of consent from the moment that request is received.



The entire content of the websites is owned or controlled by the War Heritage Institute. Unless otherwise stated, the intellectual property rights for the texts and data on these websites belong to the War Heritage Institute.

You may download the content solely for your own use, including ordering E-tickets and for non-commercial purposes. However, modification or reproduction of the content is not permitted. Contents may not be copied or used in any other way. The War Heritage Institute endeavours to provide current and accurate information on this website but gives no guarantee as to the accuracy, validity or completeness of the information provided. The War Heritage Institute shall not be liable for any damages or injury resulting from your access to, or failure to access, or delay in accessing, the website or from your use of any information provided on the website. The website may contain links or references to other sites; however, the War Heritage Institute is not responsible for the content of such other sites and is not liable for any damages or injury arising from the content of such sites. Any links to other sites are provided solely for the convenience of the users of this website.

Unless otherwise stated, the intellectual property rights of the texts and data on this website belong to the War Heritage Institute.


Final Provisions

The War Heritage Institute has the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time. Publication on the website constitutes notification. The modifications are valid from the moment the General Terms and Conditions are published on the website.

The invalidity or unenforceability of one or more (parts of) provisions of these General Terms and Conditions shall not affect the validity or enforceability of the remaining (parts of) provisions, which shall remain in full force and effect.

Only Belgian law is applicable. Any dispute shall fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Brussels courts.




Date of last modification: 06-07-2022