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A visit to the bunker is an exciting experience

Visitors spend more than 90 minutes in the Kemmelberg entrails: a site filled with secret missions, invisible enemies and omnipresent tension. Emotions guaranteed.

Flyer Opendoor Kamp Lombardsijde 9/03/2024

Opendoor Camp Lombardsijde on 9 March 2024!

The War Heritage Institute (WHI) is the national institution for military heritage and remembrance, within the remit of the Minister of Defence. The WHI manages, among others, the Belgian military cemeteries, the Royal Military Museum in Brussels, Fort Breendonk in Willebroek and Bastogne Barracks. In West Flanders the institution is responsible for the Trench of Death in Dixmude and the Command Bunker Kemmel in Heuvelland. In the former barracks at Ypres work is progressing toward a new museum dedicated to post-1945 international conflicts, displaying military vehicles. These are restored and maintained by WHI-volunteers. In Lombardsijde they present, among others, a Leopard 1A1, a Gepard, a CVRT Striker and a few M113s.

More info: Opendoor Kamp Lombardsijde | Defensie (mil.be)